WhatsApp Panel & Bot for sending mass messages for marketing.

If you’re looking to find a bulk Whatsapp Marketing Panel tool that would enable you to send mass Whatsapp messages that promotes your business, then try our latest bulk Whatsapp panel!

This Whatsapp Marketing Solution had been developed and tested for months before finally releasing it today to address all your Whatsapp marketing woes!

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About our products

All our products and services are continually being subjected for improvements as we want you to fully maximize your Whatsapp marketing experience. We feel that we owe you only the best of Whatsapp Marketing Solutions available so you would be successful in your business. We aim for your continued patronage and it is our desire to keep you satisfied.

About Whataspp Marketing

Ever since Whatsapp Marketing started to gain popularity, our company had dedicated to always develop quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions. As Whatsapp is predominantly the preferred choice for many people in terms of communicating with their friends and loved ones, we feel that we didn’t commit the mistake of trusting it as our tool for developing our own products.

Being marketers ourselves, we have tried applying other strategies such as email marketing and most recently SMS Marketing in promoting our products and services. Sadly, these forms of marketing didn’t quite match the success rate of Whatsapp Marketing. We feel that we owe it to the general public to spread the awareness of Whatsapp Marketing and also spare you the hard work of having to try other solutions.

Since we have applied this form of marketing, we hadn’t only doubled our profits but we had also helped other people build their business through Whatsapp Marketing. So if you’re planning to adopt a tool for your business, contact us now and we’ll do the rest!

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Our company’s newest Whatsapp Marketing Panel is another quality Whatsapp Marketing Software that would work well with our equally high quality Whatsapp Channels/ Senders. If you are still trying to look for the right Whatsapp Marketing Software that will enable you to send massive Whatsapp messages to your prospect and existing clients, Whatsapp Panel & Bot might be the right Whatsapp Marketing Solution for you!

Let’s remember one crucial factor: we need two components before we can run a successful Whatsapp Marketing Campaign. What are these again? The answer, of course, is Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels. So you don’t get lost on your way of understanding things, we included the definition (in brief terms) of these two components below:

  1. Whatsapp Marketing software
    This is the tool that will allow you to send massive Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users in wherever part of the world. Whatsapp Panel & Bot is a type of Whatsapp Marketing Software.
  2. Whatsapp Channels
    Whatsapp Channels are defined as pre-activated Whatsapp numbers that are used to be able to send messages to other Whatsapp users.

Whatsapp Panel & Bot

This Whatsapp Marketing Software was developed to help improve the lives of merchants by providing relief in the form of a tool that will enable them to gain control over their Whatsapp Marketing campaigns.

To reach their multitude of potentials, Whatsapp Panel & Bot will serve as the tool so that businesses such as yours will be able to tap on prospect and existing clients.

Benefits of using Whatsapp Panel & Bot

Listed below are few of the features of this Whatsapp Marketing Panel:

  1. With this Whatsapp Marketing Panel, you have the ability to load a list of unlimited amount of proxies.
    Your Whatsapp Channels will last longer as Whatsapp Panel & Bot enable you to load unlimited number of proxies.
  2. Whatsapp Panel & Bot allows you to add unlimited whatsapp sender ID’s or phone numbers along with easily generated valid password.
    Through Whatsapp Panel & Bot, you have the unlimited capability of adding as many Whatsapp Channels/ Whatsapp Senders as you can that you can use to send Whatsapp messages to your prospect market.
    Worry no more about sending very limited amount of broadcast messages or Marketing campaign messages to your prospects as through this Whatsapp Bot, you now have the ability to reach to as many Whatsapp users located at whatever part of the world!
  3. This Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Panel also enables you to add senders which are imported or harvested from TXT files. After which, these imported senders will be further filtered to determine how many numbers are using WhatsApp Messenger.
    Simply load the TXT files in the system and Whatsapp Panel & Bot can immediately sort and import active Whatsapp numbers which you can use for marketing your products and services.
  4. This Whatsapp Bot will also enable you to filter the contact numbers through the scan application or operation. The result will yield only a list of contact numbers that are actual users of Whatsapp.
    From the list of contacts that you have in the system, Whatsapp Panel & Bot will be able to filter the ones that you can use for your marketing effort by simply picking out those contact numbers that are actual Whatsapp users. This way, you can save valuable time.
  5. The list of contact numbers that was generated by this Whatsapp marketing software will be your target list of Whatsapp users that you will send your Whatsapp marketing campaign to.
    Whatsapp Panel & Bot will spare you some time from having to include contact numbers that aren’t Whatsapp users.
  6. Through the use of this Whatsapp Marketing panel, you can compose and send mass Whatsapp messages with different format such as text, images, videos, GPS locations and even audio.
    Feel free to be creative with your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns! With this Whatsapp Panel, you can now send messages with text, audio, video, image, etc. to your database of prospects and existing clients.
  7. This Bulk Whatsapp Panel also has the capability of enabling user to send Whatsapp marketing campaign messages in one go.
    Whatsapp Panel & Bot is equipped with feature where you can compose Whatsapp Marketing campaign messages and program them to be sent at specific time frame.

Whatsapp Panel & Bot Features:

This Whatsapp Marketing Software is equipped with a number of impressive features that will help you with your marketing efforts. These are:

  • Proxy feature
    You can send multitude number of messages to thousands of Whatsapp users and appear as if you are using different Whatsapp accounts. Whatsapp Panel and Bot has a Proxy feature option that enables you to use different IP addresses which also safeguards your system’s message delivery or Whatsapp Channels from getting banned.
  • Scan and Export Whatsapp numbers from a large database of uncategorized numbers
    This software allows you to scan the different numbers in your database and filter out those numbers that are available for messaging.
  • Test Campaign Capability
    Send messages to select Whatsapp numbers in your database and determine if they are active or not
  • Multiple Campaign Management
    You can divide your messages into different campaigns and in effect, create multiple campaigns with various messages. Afterwards, you can schedule these messages to be sent to various Whatsapp numbers or prospects in one go.
  • Real time status reporting
    You can easily monitor the success/ failure delivery rate of your marketing campaign through the real time status notification provided by Whatsapp Panel & Bot. In this feature you can immediately see whether your marketing campaign messages are delivered, pending or sent.
  • Programmed Marketing Campaign for future sending
    You get to schedule when you send your campaigns in the future which also protect your account from getting further detected by Whatsapp; thereby safeguarding your account or Whatsapp Channels from getting banned.

Important Product Disclaimer:
We don’t encourage SPAM Messaging. Use Whatsapp Panel & Bot at your own risk. We reserve the right not to be legally implicated through the irresponsible usage of our product.

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