What is WhatsApp Hash Channel?

WhatsApp Hash Channels are pre-activated WhatsApp Numbers that are generated by activating a mobile number on WhatsApp.

When you setup a new number on WhatsApp. They send you a 6 digit OTP/SMS code to verify the number. Once, you input this code into your mobile application, then your number is registered on WhatsApp and you can start using this newly formed WhatsApp number to interact with your friends, family and business contacts.

Similarly, now with the advancement of technology & automation on WhatsApp. There are several WhatsApp Automation software that allow you to use your WhatsApp number into a web based or desktop based application. These apps & tools allow you to run any kind of automation and thats where you need WhatsApp Hash Channels.

We provide Bulk WhatsApp Hash Channels from more then 30+ countries. And we have setup centers, and partnerships across the globe to procure 1000s & millions of WhatsApp Channels which are activated using WART Code & Secret Hash Channel IDs which are stored within the WhatsApp mobile app.

Our tools for extracting these hash passwords are completely robust, secure, and systemized to give you the highest quality of channels.

Using these WhatsApp Channels you can automate majority of your daily automation tasks on WhatsApp. Like:

  1. Filter WhatsApp Numbers & Non Active WhatsApp Numbers using tools like WhatsApp Filter Tool, WhatsApp Last Seen Filter Tool, WhatsApp Business API’s Filter Tools for finding active & non active numbers, as well as it’s last seen tool which allows you to find user’s last seen activity and then target these numbers to run WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns
  2. Run Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns – Using Blaster Bulk Sender, WhatsApp Business API, and tools created by frontlabs.org
  3. Run WhatsApp Group Sender Campaigns – This allows you to form 1000s of WhatsApp Groups and schedule targeted WhatsApp messages right inside the group by adding WhatsApp contacts, and running promotions in these newly formed communities.

And much more.

If you want to find out how you can start utilizing our WhatsApp Channels as per your business needs. Feel free to reach us on Telegram: https://t.me/WAChannels

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