Bulk WhatsApp Hash Channels for WhatsApp Marketing Tools, Software, Script and Web Panel

WhatsAppChannels.com is one of the primary providers to world’s top WhatsApp marketing ninja’s on the planet. Our company has alliance in several parts of the world to source the highest quality, well protected, very secure, freshly created WhatsApp channels from different part of the globe.

All channels generated by WhatsApp Channels team are made using real local SIM cards sourced from different distributors, mobile operators, and mobile marketing companies having bulk inflow of mobile numbers for WhatsApp channel registration.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should be working with us to source your WhatsApp channels for operating in any kind of WhatsApp marketing solutions:


Every single WhatsApp channels generated by us come with WART password protection and second factor authentication with our secret passwords changed for each batch of channels. Many people call this security code in different region.

Since, 2nd Factor Authentication is applied while registering these channels. Even if the SIM cards used for generating these channels go out in the market again for sell to normal users. The user won’t be able to re-register the same number on WhatsApp without the 2nd Factor Authentication code.

Hence, these channels cannot be stolen away from you. And nor does any software such as WhatsApp Channel Finder, and multiple other Black hat WhatsApp tools can hack these channels from you.

All the channels generated by us are hence secure, safe and exclusive only for you.


Every single mobile number used by our team is a locally sourced SIM card and not a virtual number.

Whats the difference between real SIM cards vs virtual number you may ask?

Well, unlike virtual numbers which are sourced from several countries such as UK, US, Russia, Hong Kong, etc.

These channels cannot be blocked from WhatsApp like usually happens with a series of mobile number series which are dedicated for virtual numbers. WhatsApp keeps banning virtual numbers series from time to time.

And if you have invested purchasing channels from a vendor who is generating channels using these virtual number series. Then, you have the risk of getting these channels banned permanently from Whatsapp anytime.

Not only in this case, you will lose your investment in purchasing these channels. But, you are stuck with NO Channels. And No WhatsApp Campaign. Ouch.

With WhatsAppChannels.com You are secure in this case! We guarantee that all our channels are generated using Real SIM Cards. If not, then we give you double the money back!

We pride ourselves of working with several vendors who are partners in the region who keep these SIM cards, network activated for anywhere from 3 months minimum to uptown 6 months. (All paid in advance so no one else can register these numbers on WhatsApp during this course of time.)

And when the number is released from our ware house. 3 months additional time is given by tele operators before releasing this number for open market.

Hence, each number’s validity from date of activation is around 6 to 9 months of secure use by WhatsApp marketing experts.


If you receive LOGIN ERROR on any of your channels at the time of activation. Your channels are replaced within 24 hours free of cost upon replacement request.

We are also, the only vendor who provide 60 days FREE replacement guarantee for all WhatsApp hash channels used by WA Script, and similar successful WhatsApp marketing panel & web based script.

(NOTE: You need to make sure you keep the right settings as it is while using these scripts as given by the developer. No replacement for channels are provided once they are blocked incase you change the settings provided by the developer. We are not responsible because uses are upon the user of the channels. And how many messages you send daily/one-time depends on the restrictions implied by WhatsApp.)


Our core philosophy while working with any client is being honest, truthful, guiding you with right knowledge & know-how and creating long term strategic business relationship with all our prospects, customers & clients.

You are assured that once you deal with us, you will change the way we work long term with you and exceed your expectations or die trying.

We abide by the rule of selling each and every client with freshly generated channels, and make sure that we have high security to keep channels safe, secure, unique & exclusive to one client only.

Our channels are never resold. And once delivered, is deleted from our system automatically so there is no chance of data leak within the team or from outside.


Due to the scale, proper SIM based hardware in our production units & strategic partnerships with our primary channels vendors.

And also thanks to major alliances with major WhatsApp marketing tools developers who assure us with daily orders & ongoing requirements for new channels production.

We are able to provide quicker delivery after confirmation of payment. Even if you have huge bulk orders in place, we are able to make sure to increase our production speed & capacity so that we can delivery you before time of delivery.

Usually channels are delivered instantly since we have fresh stock readily available. And maximum time to deliver for large orders is around 8 hours to 24 hours from the time of purchase.


Our primary source of payment is via Bitcoins, Ethereum or other alt currencies.

Bitcoin payments are safe, instant and secure so that we can give you quick, faster and instant delivery of channels.

You can purchase these crypto currency from different websites such as LocalBitcoins.com, Binance.com, Paxful.com, or Remitano.com depending on what’s the best suitable medium for you in your country.

If you want to purchase channels via Credit or Debit cards. We accept payment via secure & internationally accepted credit cards only. And that too, by signing an agreement and invoicing our product on different product name/category. This is to make sure that your identity. And our team’s identity is secure, and the mobile numbers you purchase as channels from us. Stays anonymous and doesn’t falls into any legal issues with government authority for selling registered mobile numbers from different countries.

The channels sourced by us stays on our name. And your identity as a buyer is not compromised.

We don’t accept payment via PayPal, Skrill, or any other method to not jeopardise our identity and fall under multiple million dollar lawsuits from WhatsApp, and its legal entity. And provide exclusive privacy to us, our channels partners, and hardware vendors who help us support providing this exceptional service to all our clients and making us well trusted authority in WhatsApp marketing space.


Our pricing is very competitive and affordable then most of the competitors providing WhatsApp Channels.

We don’t keep high margins since most of the costing goes into keeping the numbers activated for 3-6 months and making sure the channels are safe & protected.

Yet, for our regular clients. Our pricing is kept very low, so we can make good margins by running volume business rather than high margin, but low clients business.

We offer exclusive discounts for clients who have bulk purchase orders of 5000+ channels and more.

And if you have monthly requirement of 50000+ channels. We can be your exclusive partner for sourcing high volume of channels on a monthly basis with a dedicated setup for you.


Our process of channel registration make sure that every channel created is made using unique & white listed IP address.

Hence, each channel batch that you will receive comes with IP address re-mark, tagged while used in registration tool. All the list of IP address are first verified to be white listed by WhatsApp. So, you are secure from getting your channels blocked due to use of same IP address with multiple channels which is the issue with major WhatsApp vendors.

We also have our own dedicated method for generating dedicated IP addresses as proxy using Amazon Web Service Servers, and Microsoft Vuze. And since, the cost for us is only our time, efforts and energy that goes into creating these proxy IP address. We are able to scale to to 1000s of different IP on a regular basis using our automation methods.

We also make sure to have highly-encrypted security within our channel registration team, so that no one in our team can access channels password or any other details that might jeopardise channels security. Once, channel is sold to you as a client. It will never be resold, shared, or accessed by anyone else.

We believe in creating amazing client experience, and exceeding your expectations or die trying. Trust us with our honesty, integrity, best intentions, and professionalism which is expected in our shoulders from you as a client. We thrive to give you extra ordinary, exceptional and long term business relationship as a client.


Whether you are using desktop tools such as WhatsApp Bulk Sender, or Blaster Bulk Sender, or WhatSender, or Bulk WhatsApp Sender, or WhatsApp Sender Pro.

Or you are using advance WhatsApp marketing script such as WAScript, or WhatsApp Panel.

All our channels are compatible with these tools according to the usage and format of the channel required by you as a client. Our channels are delivered in excel sheets. With guidance on how to upload these channels for major tools. So, it’s easy to import & export channels from these tools.

P.S. Even though, our channels work with major desktop marketing software as stated above. It’s recommend to use channels in secure & robust, long term solutions as WAScript, WAPanel, and more advanced WhatsApp tools with P2P WhatsApp Channel communications system.


Firstly, with each batch of 1000 channels batch purchased by you. We provide few extra channels in each channels batch so there is no requirement for to & from communication for channels replacement at the first place. This helps us resolve the replacement time issue. And just incase, even after that. If any of your purchased channels at the time of first use are bad, like having login error, or blocked at the time of checking process. We will replace those channels within the next 24 hours.

We are fast-moving, adaptable, smart company which ensures that if you place a large & bulk requirement for channels. Then, the delivery to speed and increase in our production to match your requirement is set as a priority. Every minute counts for us. And hence, we are able to deliver you with high volume of channels almost instantly & on-demand due to daily assured production by our team.

Once, your payment is confirmed by our team. You will instantly be mailed with your ordered quantity of channels in your inbox!


We have worked with thousands of clients in the past 7 years of operations. Clients who have sent millions of messages each month using the channels sourced by us.

With such level of deep involvement with our clients. We have figured out many precautionary measures, best practices, techniques & methods to keep your WhatsApp channels live for the longest duration of time.

When you purchase any batch of WhatsApp channels from us. We include a free guide to WhatsApp Channels Management with our best guidance in order to keep your channels active & safe for long usage.


We have worked around the clock to make sure our clients experience with us is simply, “awesome”. Our team works day & night in multiple shifts to make sure our clients deal with us anytime, from anywhere, and get delivered in different time zones. You get so much extra with our customer support & we make sure we guide you properly with our years of combined work experience. We feel it’s our obligatory duty to our clients and we’re not going to wait for money to change hands before we start contributing, guiding, counselling, advising and protecting you with the right knowledge, insights, and tips & strategies.


No, problem.

And deep dive into the process of creating exceptional WhatsApp channels that last a lifetime.

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