List of WhatsApp Marketing Softwares getting used right now..

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The age old struggle: maximizing income and minimizing cost is still in effect even up to this day. Business, whether small scale or big scale, still struggle to find ways how they can maximize their profits and minimize cost by using various tools and solutions available. In addressing this concern, many business owners and professionals focus on how to market their different products and services to their prospect and existing clients. You know why? The marketing aspect of a business addresses that struggle!

When you market your products and services effectively, you will gain more profits because people will start or continue to buy your products and services. When you market your products and services smartly, the return of your investment will be swift; addressing the “lowering cost” concern. Simply put: the less you spend on your marketing efforts, the happier your cash flow will be.

Introducing: our newest Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Package

This Whatsapp Marketing Solution includes three formidable Whatsapp Marketing Soft-wares that are designed to help you better connect with your targeted audience. With this Whatsapp Marketing Package, you can now send bulk whatsapp messages to your targeted Whatsapp users located at whatever part of the world without having to fear of getting your Whatsapp channels banned.

Since Whatsapp enable us to send out not only text messages but also audio, video, image and Vcard files to any whatsapp user in wherever part of the world, many marketers have also been utilizing this technology to reach their audience. Back in the day, SMS Marketing was the thing in the world of mobile marketing. It is being used by many marketers to promote various products and services of a business. But since Whatsapp, SMS Marketing has since declined. And that trend will continue to occur as Whatsapp users continue to rise up.

Reaching potential clients is best achieved when we send bulk whatsapp messages to them. This process can be expedited through using Whatsapp Panel, Whatsapp Bot or Whatsapp Suite which is being offered by our company. These Whatsapp Marketing Solutions are components or type of Whatsapp Marketing software that you can adopt so you can start and send bulk whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users.

The technology of Whatsapp that enables users to connect with others with the least cost provides a huge opportunity to us merchants (business owners, marketers and professionals) in tapping our multitude of Whatsapp audience that might end up as our potential clients. To reach these potential clients, we need to run a successful Whatsapp Marketing campaign which will attract them to buy or avail the various products and services of our business.

There are two necessary requirements before you could run a successful Whatsapp Marketing campaign. These are Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders. The definitions of the two are given as the following:

Whatsapp Marketing software

This is the tool that will allow you to send bulk Whatsapp messages that may either include text, audio, image, video, and many more or a combination of these platforms to other Whatsapp users. This Whatsapp Marketing Software will also allow you to filter database for active Whatsapp users, edit profile of Whatsapp Channel, among others.

Whatsapp Channels

These are Whatsapp numbers which are activated beforehand and these are used to send messages to other Whatsapp users. These are the numbers that your targeted audience will receive. This Whatsapp Marketing Solution will also perform other automation activities dictated by Whatsapp Marketing Software. This will be tackled in great length in another article about Whatsapp Channels.

It is quite obvious why many Bulk Whatsapp marketing tools and software have been surfacing nowadays. Many of these so-called Whatsapp Marketing Solutions promised to give good results. Sadly, it often is not the case. This is a challenge for our company to face and we are proud to say that since we have started developing and distributing various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions, our clients have nothing but great things to say. Our products and services have been responsible for changing lives of many marketers out there who had wished to apply Whatsapp Marketing in their business.

Our latest bulk Whatsapp Marketing Package which we are releasing today is another product of our team. We had developed this Whatsapp Marketing Solution so that you will have better leverage in using Whatsapp as your way to tap on your targeted audience and promote your company products and services. So without any further ado, we introduce you:

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Package

This Whatsapp Marketing Solution comprises three Whatsapp Marketing Soft-wares that are packed with helpful features to enable you to send bulk Whatsapp messages as well as many others.

  • Bulk WhastApp Sender Suite
    This Whatsapp Marketing Software will enable you to send Bulk Whatsapp Messages to practically everyone in the world for FREE! With this solution, you can customize your marketing campaign with not only messages but also image, video, audio, Vcard and even GPS and be able to send these campaigns to a multitude of Whatsapp users wherever they may be at the world!
    This Whatsapp Marketing Solution does not only allow you to send Bulk Whatsapp messages for free, it would also let you send bulk Whatsapp messages WITHOUT any limitations of frequency!
    This Whatsapp Marketing Software only requires you to be connected to a standard Internet connection- the same connection that you used for getting online and lets you send emails. Once you are connected to the Internet, you can start using this Whatsapp Marketing Tool and be able to compose and send Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns to your targeted audience.
    With this product feature, mixing work with pleasure will now be a possibility! You can save money by choosing Whatsapp over traditional SMS Messaging which only allows you to compose and send message with 160 characters!
    With this Whatsapp Suite, you can now send Bulk Whatsapp Messages while doing shopping, have coffee with a friend and send a reply to a client query at the same time, edit your Whatsapp profile and many more! And the best thing is, it’s all for FREE! This is what you call hassle free marketing and global marketing at a lesser cost! Amazing, right?
  • Bulk WhatsApp Sender
    This Whatsapp Marketing Software is a little more advance as compared to Whatsapp Suite. This Whatsapp Marketing Solution is also equipped with the same features with Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite except it has additional features.
    With this Whatsapp Marketing Software, you can reach more prospect clients! Bulk WhatsApp Sender will give you the ability to send Bulk Whatsapp messages or send different marketing campaign to different Whatsapp numbers all over the world with just a few clicks of the button! Just enter the different WhatsApp numbers into the system and this Bulk Whatsapp Sender software will do the rest of the work for you. This Whatsapp Marketing Software has the option where you can use multiple Proxy IP addresses. This will help safeguard your Whatsapp numbers from getting banned by Whatsapp.
    With this Whatsapp Marketing Solution, you no longer have to worry about purchasing thousands of Whatsapp Channels. With Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software, you can now send bulk Whatsapp messages more conveniently and without worry!
  • WhatsApp Panel & Bot
    This is our ninja Whatsapp Marketing tool that is perfect for small businesses such as service oriented ones like boutiques, lawyer services and consultancies and many others. This Whatsapp Marketing Software will not only enable you to send Bulk Whatsapp Messages to your targeted audience for free but it is also packed with other useful features. The following are the impressive features of Whatsapp Panel & Bot.
  1. Multiple Campaign Management: You have the ability to categorize your messages into various campaigns and schedule to send them in one go.
  2. Campaign Monitoring & Reporting: You can see the real time status of your campaign; whether it was successfully delivered or if it is still pending.
  3. Campaign scheduling: this Whatsapp Marketing software will enable you to “program” your campaign to be sent in the future.
  4. Other secret options: this Whatsapp Marketing Software also includes other options that will be ultimately revealed and put into good use upon you purchase this software from us.

Take advantage of Whatsapp Marketing and witness your profits multiply. Come to the most trusted provider of Whatsapp Marketing Solutions and avail of our high quality Whatsapp Marketing Software and Tools! Do not waste your time by opting to experiment with other Whatsapp Marketing Solutions being offered by other Whatsapp Marketing Providers!

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As part of this package, we would also provide you database support according to your geographical reference. With this support, you can be assured that you only tap those Whatsapp users that are perfect potential clients!

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