Desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software for Desktop Computer PC Windows

Increase your profits through the most advanced desktop based Whatsapp Marketing Software available nowadays!

Download Whatsapp for desktop PC and run the Whatsapp program so you could facilitate sending your Whatsapp Marketing Campaign Messages to your mass audience found in Whatsapp!

If you’re looking for a Whatsapp Marketing Solution that allows you to run Whatsapp in Windows PC, then look no further because we introduce you…

Whatsapp Bulk Sender for desktop PC!

This Whatsapp Marketing Software was developed by our company for those people who wish to utilize sending of their Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns through their Windows PC.

Start using our Whatsapp in Windows PC and observe how easy it is to connect with your audience and gain complete control over your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender for desktop PC vs. web based Whatsapp Marketing Solutions

Our Whatsapp in desktop PC is the best option as compared to web based Whatsapp application software available such as Virtual Android Installation on VMWare or any other similar software that is being utilized nowadays.

This is the most effective Whatsapp Marketing Software to date!

It is common knowledge that Whatsapp is the most preferred chat messaging application online used by people in order to communicate with their friends and loved ones. Whatsapp is also the messaging application preferred by most businesses in to connect with their targeted and existing clients.

Whatsapp was essentially designed to run in smartphones so it is difficult for businesses who want to scale bigger amount of Whatsapp marketing campaigns to send to bigger amount of prospect clients. This is the chief reason that our company created a Whatsapp Marketing solution that will enable you to run Whatsapp on desktop PC so you can start sending your Whatsapp marketing campaigns to your targeted clients better and help improve the income potential of your business.

This is the most developed and ultimate Whatsapp marketing software for Windows PC nowadays. Download Whatsapp for desktop PC and start sending your compelling Whatsapp Marketing messages to as many Whatsapp users and witness the increase the profit of your business!

This Whatsapp in Windows PC was developed to address the call of business owners and professionals of a solution that would run in their desktop. Using this Whatsapp Marketing Solution would give you an unfair advantage from your competitors who are still using web based solutions.

Why Whatsapp Marketing is the most effective marketing tool to promote a business:

As compared to other traditional marketing like SMS marketing, Whatsapp Marketing shows little sign of getting obsolete. In fact, there is a notable and continuous rise of Whatsapp users as time passes by. This is a strong manifestation that Whatsapp will continue to help marketers build connection between sellers and buyers. Even if other chat messaging started to rise up, Whatsapp still remained as the most preferred tool to communicate with other people.

Through Whatsapp, business owners, marketers and professionals could connect with their prospect and clients better at a lesser amount of cost as compared to SMS Messaging methods.

And what’s best about our Whatsapp Marketing Solution is it can be applied to any type and size of business. Whether you have a small scale business or a big scale business, you can download Whatsapp for desktop PC and start running your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to your prospect clients. Witness the power of this Whatsapp in Windows PC and start reaping the benefits of using this Whatsapp Marketing Solution!

Aside from its ability to help increase the profitability of a business, Whatsapp Marketing Solutions are being utilized by marketers to achieve the following:

  1. To help improve relationship between business owners, manager, marketers or professionals with their respective clients.
  2. To encourage loyalty of customer and “repeat business”
  3. To help convert prospects to clients or convince existing clients to purchase something immediately.
  4. To help facilitate other advertisements that will further help increase income of the business

WhatsApp Bulk Sender for Desktop PC: Most advanced Whatsapp Marketing tool ever

Many problems and concerns surfaced when using Whatsapp messaging through desktop computer. Web based Whatsapp Marketing Solutions like bluestacks and VMWare or other related software primarily enable users to facilitate sending of Whatsapp Campaign messages through desktop but the most obvious discomfort of this Solution is that you can only use one Whatsapp number to be able to send to other Whatsapp users.  This process is not only time consuming but also tedious or laborious as well. Another problem that associated is that when people who have received your Whatsapp messages will start blocking you then your Whatsapp number will be banned, forcing you to get another unique Whatsapp number so you can run another batch of Whatsapp Marketing campaign.

In view of this, our company had created our Whatsapp Marjeting Solution: Whatsapp Bulk Sender for desktop PC so you can start sending Whatsapp messages to other users with lesser stress.

All features of this software come with sub-features that are designed to make your every marketing effort of sending marketing campaigns much easier. Listed below are the features of this amazing Whatsapp Marketing Solution that is geared towards making you a formidable ninja marketer:

Product Features:

  1. Numbers Registration & Management Option
    This is the section where you can register your Whatsapp channels, Import Whatsapp Bulk Channels, Export Whatsapp Bulk Channel and Check Whatsapp Numbers.
  2. WhatsApp Number Filtration Option
    In this section, you could load the CSV/ TXT files, generate number range and it also includes an export feature.
  3. Send Message Option
    Basically, this is the section where you could compose your message, shuffle messages and export list of your messages.
  4. WhatsApp History Option
    In this section, you will find delivery report and export messages.
  5. WhatsApp Chat View Option
    In this feature, you will find Chat View and list view.
  6. Main Options
    You can set your number of messages and program them in particular time of your choosing in this section. Also, this is where you can change the MAC addresses with each channel.
  7. Other features
    Our Whatsapp marketing software and tool for desktop have additional features that will be revealed, further explained and demonstrated once purchase was made.

Benefits of using Whatsapp bulk sender for desktop PC in your business:

There are many advantages of using our desktop based Whatsapp Marketing solution as compared to other web based software. With Whatsapp bulk sender for desktop PC, you can now tap on your multitude of prospects easier; allowing you greater productivity of your time.

With Whatsapp bulk sender for desktop PC, you can now run Whatsapp in desktop PC that will allow you to add hundreds and thousands of bulk whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders. Through this desktop based Whatsapp marketing software, you can now use the power of Whatsapp Messaging in bulk and you can start promoting your products and services to thousands of Whatsapp numbers in one go! Download our desktop based Whatsapp Marketing Software now and observe your income increase exponentially!

With the use of our desktop based Whatsapp Marketing solution, you can start sending Whatsapp messages of text, images, audio messages, long videos and even vCard information to WhatsApp registered users using our ultimate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software which works on any Desktop PC using Windows 7 with .Net 4 Framework installed.

As of the moment, people run Whatsapp on desktop PC with the use of bluestacks and Whatsapp. First, they download bluestacks for Windows then they install Whatsapp on their PC. This is the most popular practice as of the moment but this presented a lot of problems for users as what was revealed on this article earlier. With the help of our desktop based Whatsapp marketing solution, you can avoid these problems and you can just focus on sending tons of Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users!

Software requirement before you can start using Whatsapp bulk sender for desktop PC

Our Whatsapp Marketing Software require .Net Framework installed in your Windows 7 PC. This will enable you to fully optimize the user experience of our desktop based Whatsapp marketing solution.

.Net4 Framework is a software framework that was developed by Microsoft. It primarily runs on Microsoft Windows that includes large class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL). It also provides language interoperability across several programming languages. This software framework is intended be used by most new applications that are created for the Windows platform.

To put it simply, you need to install .Net4 Framework on your desktop ot Windows PC before you could run a new application on your Windows computer. So before you could run whatsapp on desktop PC, .Net4 Framework must already be installed in your windows computer.

This software framework is free to download and available online. Download this software and install it in your Windows computer. Follow this link (insert link here) to download your free .Net4 framework software.

After downloading and installing the required software, contact us on how to fully optimize the features of this Whatsapp in Windows PC. We will gladly accommodate you should you wish to see a product deminstration.

Do you have any other issues or concern?

We are thrilled to be releasing this product which we feel confident to be the ultimate solution of your marketing needs. We have been working overtime in perfecting the product because as marketers ourselves, we aim to make things (and life) easier and better.

Witness the magic of our Whatsapp in Windows PC software and prepare to have your minds blown!

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