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Reminders before purchase:

Are you tired of having to buy Whatsapp Channels because all your bulk Whatsapp Channels somehow ended up getting banned? If so, switch now to the most trusted provider of high quality bulk Whatsapp Channels in the industry!

When you plan to buy Whatsapp Channels for your Whatsapp Marketing Software, you need to consider different options. Our Bulk Whatsapp Channels, like most of our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions, are of high quality as they are produced through our specialized Whatsapp Channels generator.

Do you know that there are two types of Whatsapp Channels? These are protected Whatsapp Channels and Unprotected Whatsapp Channels. We will differentiate these two types on this article and we will enumerate the advantages/ disadvantages of each.

Also on this article, we will educate you the crucial and important factors about bulk Whatsapp Channels so you will spare yourself from the heartbreak of losing money.

As the leading Whatsapp Marketing Solution Provider:

The widespread success of Whatsapp Marketing was what motivated us to work hard in developing various high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as bulk Whatsapp Channels. We are geared towards helping business owners and professionals like you achieve better communication with your targeted audience so that your profits will increase exponentially.

As a team, we believed that better communication leads to better understanding between you and your audience and that ultimately will lead to you earning more money. Our hard work and dedication is driven towards our goal of becoming the best Whatsapp Marketing Provider there is. To achieve that, we ensure that all our products and services are not only high quality but that they are also perfect fit for your business.

Whatsapp Channels

In earlier articles, we have revealed the two components before you could run any successful Whatsapp Marketing Campaign: Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels.

We had extensively delved on Whatsapp Marketing Software and lightly touched the subject of Whatsapp Channels through previous articles. In this article, we would give more focus on Whatsapp Channels and the different factors that you need to consider before buying some for your marketing campaigns.

We have described Whatsapp Marketing Software as the tool that allows you to send massive Whatsapp messages to other users located at any part of the world. It’s also packed with number of features (depending on the type). Whatsapp Channels, on the other hand, are pre-registered Whatsapp numbers which are used for sending WhatsApp messages to other Whatsapp users.

Two types of Whatsapp Channels that is available in the market:

  1. Protected Whatsapp Channels
  2. Unprotected Whatsapp Channels

Obviously, protected Whatsapp Channels are those that have higher quality than the unprotected ones. When you plan to buy Whatsapp Channels, it is most recommended to choose protected Whatsapp Channels because of variety of reasons. These reasons are:

  1. Protected WhatsApp channels are active for a longer period unlike Unprotected WhatsApp channels.
  2. Protected WhatsApp channels can’t be stolen using WhatsApp channels finder software.
  3. Protected WhatsApp channels are prone to change password issue. Because no one can change the password without having the security code of your WhatsApp channel, the likelihood that your Whatsapp Channel will be duplicated is almost impossible.

So based on the foregoing facts, you can deduce that producing protected Whatsapp Channels entail higher cost as compared to unprotected Whatsapp Channels.

Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that protected Whatsapp Channels are a bit more expensive than unprotected Whatsapp Channels. Despite that, buying protected Whatsapp Channels is still better option because they last longer. Imagine having cheap unprotected Whatsapp Channels in your possession but ending up not using them because they are banned numbers. So in reality, it is in fact more sensible to buy protected Whatsapp Channels!

Apart from choosing the protected Whatsapp Channels from unprotected Whatsapp Channels, you might also have to consider buying from the right Whatsapp Marketing Provider or Company. To determine this, we have come up with checklist for a good Whatsapp Marketing Vendor.

The following are checklist of what makes a good Whatsapp channel vendor:

  1. Choose a Whatsapp Channel Vendor that offer protected Whatsapp Channels
  2. If possible, Whatsapp Channels must be generated with REAL sim cards
  3. Choose Whatsapp Vendor that offer replacement guarantee in case of defective Whatsapp Channels
  4. Guarantee that all Whatsapp Channels being sold are never resold
  5. Fast Delivery of products
  6. Safety from channel blocking and theft
  7. Fast replacement of bad channels
  8. Known to be reputable and honest Whatsapp Channel provider or vendor

A Whatsapp Channel vendor that offers protected Whatsapp Channels

As previously mentioned, protected Whatsapp Channels are better option to go along with your Whatsapp Marketing software. Though protected Whatsapp channels are more costly than unprotected ones, it’s more secured and they are definitely reliable investments in the long run. Whatsapp have a strict “blocking” system especially with virtual numbers. It would be a shame if your Whatsapp Channels are blocked soon as you just purchased them from your vendor.

Whatsapp Channels being sold are generated with real SIM cards

Real SIM cards almost eliminate the possibility of the Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp senders getting banned by Whatsapp. Virtual Whatsapp numbers such as those generated or copied by other Whatsapp software like Whatsapp Channel finder are easily prone to getting banned by Whatsapp.

Offer replacement guarantee in case of defective Whatsapp Channels

To give allowance for imperfection, choose a bulk Whatsapp Channels vendor that will guarantee replacement in case your purchases of Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders are defective (eg. they register: LOGIN ERROR during log in attempt)

Whatsapp Channels are never resold to other merchants

As previously mentioned, Whatsapp has strict “blocking” system so any duplicity of Whatsapp number is a sure way of getting banned by Whatsapp. To eliminate the possibility of your Whatsapp Channel from getting banned, ensure that the Whatsapp Channel vendor doesn’t resold their Whatsapp channels to other merchants.

Fast Delivery

Choose a Whatsapp Channel provider or vendor that has efficient and fast delivery of their products.

There is safety from theft and blocking

Again, to prevent your purchased bulk Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders from getting blocked or stolen, ensure that your Whatsapp Channel provider or vendor have a systematic way of taking care of their Whatsapp Channels through their unique Channel registration.

Another way to ensure this is, your Whatsapp Channel provider or vendor must have high-encrypted security which prevents anybody (even member of their team) to have access over passwords or any other details which put the Whatsapp Channels at risk of getting duplicated or stolen.

Fast replacement of bad channels

This is in direct correlation to the “fast delivery” section of this list. Choose a Whatsapp Channel Provider or Vendor that promptly replaces defective Whatsapp Channels.

Known to be reputable and honest Whatsapp Channel provider or Vendor

This is probably the most important part of the list. It goes without saying: only time could tell whether a particular Whatsapp Channel vendor or provider is indeed reputable or not. Of course, it would require sufficient or extensive research on the part of the merchant to validate this.

One last thing…

Now that we’ve established the checklist, it is our hope that you would consider choosing us as your only source of Whatsapp Channels as well as any other Whatsapp Marketing Solutions for your business. We don’t only get check marks for all the items listed in the checklist of good Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we also provide additional after sales support. Other Whatsapp Marketing Providers may only be after making quick bucks, not us. We aim for a better relationship with you so that we continue to do business in the long run. Apart from that, we aim for becoming the leading company in the industry and the best way to achieve that is to always keep you, our clients, satisfied.

About Whatsapp Channels

Scaling your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns will never be easy as this! Contact us now and order your protected Whatsapp Channels from us.

Are you planning to buy WhatsApp Channels or Bulk WhatsApp Channels?

Here is the current list of prices:

Basic Whats app Sender Channels: (or $0.70 / channel)

500 (24 – 48 hours) 0.50 USD

1000 (2 days) 0.40 USD

3000 (5 days) 0.35 USD

5000 (7 days) 0.30 USD

Protected Whats app Sender Channels: (or $0.70 / channel)

500 (24 – 48 hours) 0.70 USD

1000 (2 days) 0.60 USD

3000 (5 days) 0.50 USD

5000 (7 days) 0.45 USD

**Premium Whats App sender Channels (or $2.5 per channel)

100 (less than 4 hours)

250 (24 hours)

500 (24 – 48 hours)

1000 (3 days)

3000 (5-10 days)

5000 (7 -10 days)

** Includes ID Number, Profile Pic, Name Added, Status Message added

Resetting your channels (Cost $100 / 1000)

Reviving your blocked senders (Cost $150/1000)

Note: Usage discretion is advised. We don’t guarantee that our Whatsapp Channels won’t be block by Whatsapp in violation of anti-SPAM regulations.

Order your high quality, protected Whatsapp Channels now! Promo offer is good ONLY until supply lasts!

Ring us up at skype: @bulkwhatsappsender and we’ll be glad to discuss terms with you. If you have any other inquiries, you may contact us at the following:

Skype: whatsappbulksender

Email: [email protected]

         Call at +1 646 448 0344

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