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If you are tired of dealing business with different Whatsapp Marketing provider who promises high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions but fail to deliver the same, then worry no more because not only do we provide you with the right Whatsapp Marketing solutions and tools for your business but we will also provide you the best after sales service that you rightly deserve.

Let’s admit it.

We find ourselves in this page because we want to increase our income. To be blunt, why else would you be looking for Whatsapp Marketing Solutions if you’re not looking for ways to improve your business, right?

Honesty is such a rare commodity…

Being in business, we are all aware of how frustrating it is to increase income when your client database is limited. That is why we wanted to have the right tool that will enable us to gain sizable amount of prospects and then we worked hard to convert that list of prospects into clients, right?

Other thing is: when we gain bigger amount of prospects, we will next be faced with a dilemma on how to tap them and promote our company goods and services so that we can convert our prospects into clients. Am I right?

If you are trying to scale an effective Whatsapp Marketing Campaign, you need the right Whatsapp Marketing Provider that will provide you with different Whatsapp Marketing Solutions that perfectly suits your business.

About us

Our team comprises of seasoned Whatsapp Marketing experts that have been developing different Whatsapp Marketing solutions such as different Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels or Whatsapp Senders for years. As a Whatsapp Marketing Service Provider that has been operating for many years, we are all aware of the different Whatsapp Marketing needs that our clients require and we are all well versed on how to address each of these needs.

We are not just any ordinary Whatsapp Marketing provider that just develop and offer different Whatsapp Marketing solutions for our clients; we also mentor our clients who are in need of guidance on how to apply Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in their business.

We help our clients achieve greater income by providing them various materials and guidelines on how to best apply Bulk Whatsapp Marketing in their business: the “when” and the “how”. As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we aim better relationship- one that extends beyond Whatsapp Marketing Provider and client relationship. Simply put, we want us to be partners.

Let us help each other

As your Whatsapp marketing provider and partner, we will guide you in your journey on how you can increase your business income through the help of Bulk Whatsapp marketing. We will provide you our different Whatsapp Marketing solutions which will help you connect with your target audience better. Aside from providing you solutions for your Bulk Whatsapp marketing needs, we will also provide you valuable advice and tips which will serve as valuable lessons you could apply in overcoming every hurdle you will encounter in your business, life problems included.

We have witnessed and used many other forms of marketing but ever since Whatsapp gained popularity, we have dedicated our team to helping our clients achieve greater leverage in their business through this popular messaging application.

Competition among Whatsapp Marketing Providers

The fast rising of Whatsapp Marketing prompted the rising of Whatsapp Marketing Provider or companies. This is not surprising considering the income potential of Whatsapp as presented to many marketers.

As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, what sets us apart is our passion and dedication to providing satisfaction to our clients, a rarity among the Whatsapp Marketing companies in existence in the industry nowadays. Most of the Whatsapp Marketing Provider doesn’t consider the needs of their clients before offering their various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions. We are not.

We take time to learn your business so we know what Whatsapp Marketing Solutions will be perfect for you. This way, we don’t only sell our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions; we are also assured that we have addressed your Whatsapp Marketing needs in the right way.

Whatsapp Marketing Solutions

If you’re still unsure as to how Whatsapp Marketing could improve your business, we listed some of the following benefits (detail of each item will be explained at another article):

  1. Customer Service and communications
  2. Events and group promotions/ team communications
  3. Lead generation
  4. Product feedbacks
  5. Referrals
  6. To report bugs and other issues

In order to increase clients and eventually increase income, you need to promote your products and services of your business. This will be expedited through Whatsapp Marketing which requires Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as Whatsapp Marketing Software or a Whatsapp Bulk Message Sending Tool and Whatsapp Channels.

Some practical ways of how you can use Bulk Whatsapp Marketing for your business:

  • Stock market updates and alerts
    You can use Whatsapp to keep your audience informed about stock market updates and alerts.
  • Discount and offer alerts
    You can send alert notifications to your targeted audience to help entice them to buy or avail your products and services.
  • Reminders for appointments or events
    You can send reminders to your targeted audience to keep them abreast of important appointments or events which will be a great help to foster their “trust” towards your company.
  • Holiday deals and promotions
    Holiday deals and promotions is a great way to help boost your income as most people are inclined to splurge during holidays. Letting them know about your holiday deals and promotions will serve as enticements and that is one of the best ways to promote your company’s products and services.
  • Product launch and product offer alerts
    Informing your targeted clients about your product launch and other product offer alerts is also one of the best ways to improve the profitability of your business. When targeted people are informed about your company events and they happen to like what your company is offering, the likelihood that you will gain following will be there.
  • Merchandise alerts
    We have the tendency to feel “important” when people let us know first about the availability of certain products which they knew we would like to own or avail. You can take advantage of this emotional need by sending your clients and prospect about the arrival of certain merchandise in your company; which would spark their need to be the “first” few who have bought this particular merchandise.
  • WhatsApp Messages based surveys
    You can directly gather information or census about a certain commodity, be it yours or the competitor by sending your targeted audience Whatsapp messages based surveys. This will help your company grasp what your audience thought about certain commodities which will serve as basis to improve your own products and services.
  • Promotions for Spas, Salons, Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs
    This is specifically for specialty-businesses like spas, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Let your patrons or targeted audience know about promotions and other attractive deals like 20% off on certain hours, tied in services (example: massage with free foot spa) and many others that will help foster your income.
  • Promote your professional services whether you are a doctor, lawyer, consultant, real estate broker, etc.
    Send broadcast messages to people about your professional services and let them know that you are available for business.

Recommendation-Part 1

So if we base everything with was just enumerated above, you now have an idea of why Whatsapp Marketing is such a powerful tool that you can use in your business. Arm yourself with this tool and you’re sure one step ahead of your competitors in terms of establishing rapport with your clients and converting your prospects into clients.

General Features of all our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions:

  • Global accessibility
    Regardless of where you are in the world, you can send bulk messages for free using Whatsapp. All you need to do is to get connected with the Internet and you can scale your marketing campaign to as many users as you want.
  • User Friendly interface
    Whatsapp make communication easier with the easy to use interface. You can be creative with your campaign by using a combination of text, audio, video and image in your marketing campaign.
  • Allow multiple messages of unlimited length for sending
    Unlike SMS (Short Message Service) that limits the message to 160 character parameter, Whatsapp allow users to compose message of any length to be sent to other Whatsapp users.

Recommendation- Part 2

So based on the foregoing, we can therefore conclude that Whatspp Marketing can make “personal involvement” with your clients easier as you will get to know them deeper through engaging with them.

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Our company believes that every business is formed to provide solution to other people. Just as we are created to meet your needs for the perfect Whatsapp Marketing Solutions for your business, we believe that your business is also created to help other people solve their problem through your company’s product and services.

Let us help you inform your prospects that your business exist. Contact us now and let’s talk about your business. We will inform you more about our different Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns and together we will change lives for the better! How’s that for a plan?

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