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The WhatsApp Channels is a 7 years operational team. Delivered more then 3 million plus channels just in the last year. And continues to be provider of some of the biggest marketers in WhatsApp marketing space.

Our service is being recommended by majority of the desktop & web based tool providers including WhatsApp Bulk Sender, Blaster Bulk Sender, Bulk WhatsApp Sender, WhatsApp Sender Pro, WA Panel, WA Script,  Queensoft Blaster, WhatsApp Blaster Pro and many other tools.

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Business Quality Policy

WhatsApp Channels thrives to stay on it’s core philosophy of “over deliver or die trying”. Our team uses the best standards and latest learnings from time to time in order to create the highest quality of WhatsApp channels available across the web. We work with different vendors from across the globe who source us the best quality, using strict standard guidelines, making sure each batch of channels is generated with the maximum security, and creation protocols for safety of the channels.

Our Advisors

We have some of the best leading software developers, mobile marketing experts, WhatsApp marketing ninjas. Who are constantly guiding us with best practices & procedures for delivering the highest quality of WhatsApp Channels.


Software Developer

"WhatsApp Guy"

WhatsApp Marketing Expert

Jimmy Steward

Mobile Marketing Expert, Brazil

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