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Why Unprotected Channels Are Death For WhatsApp Marketers!

This is an extremely important question to answer for any WhatsApp marketers. Everyday we have to see agencies and business owners bleed money because they have been purchasing their channels/senders from cheap vendors who generate WhatsApp channels using unethical practices or illegal methods. 

Would you like to know who is at fault? It’s YOU! Because you have been lazy and looking for shortcuts in WhatsApp marketing which for your kind information is complete BS!

Welcome To WhatsApp Channels! is known to be one of the most trusted Bulk WhatsApp Channels providers from across the globe with channels available from countries such as Russia, Philippines, India, USA, Canada, UK and even China. Click below to find out available channels with us right now which you can get access today to get started with your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.
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100% Safe & Protected Channels

Investing in protected channels is perhaps the most sane decision you will make while running any WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Some of these have lasted our clients for over 2 months per channel. Think zero interruptions in your campaigns.
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Made with Real SIM Cards

If you came here looking for WhatsApp channels that don’t get blocked just after sending 3-4 messages, you’ve come to the right place. We sell channels that are generated only by using REAL SIM CARDS. No virtual numbers BS! Period. With avg. life of 4-6 months minimum.

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30 Days Replacement Guaranteed

Yes! A FULL refund if they don’t work as we promise. Our channels are all genuine and work without a single glitch. No risky business. Ours is a foolproof guarantee of their functioning, otherwise we replace them within 60 days from date of purchase (no questions asked!).

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Secure Payment Method

We use some of the most trusted gateways for payment transfers anywhere in the world. From India to Kenya, making payments is no problem. Western Union, Skrill & Money Gram are instant & the most trusted methods to rely on in this fast moving world of WhatsApp channels because of sharp demands in the market on a daily basis.
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Dynamic Pricing (For next 24 hours only!)

Because there are very few players in the WhatsApp marketing industry, the channels stock is freshly updated every 24 hours. All the freshly renewed lots of channels are made available only for 24 hours till the stocks last.
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Sold One Time Only

Creating a long term and sustainable business relationships with our customers is an ethic we follow. Once the channels are sold to you, they are never resold in the market to another buyer. Pay once and they’re for you to keep!
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Instant Delivery

We provide almost instant delivery after confirmation of payment. If you have bulk orders also we make sure to increase our production speed so that we can deliver you before time.
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Safety from Channel Blocking & Theft

All our channels come with WART Protection Code & 2nd Factor Authentications code with each set of WhatsApp Channels. This allows you to keep your channels secure from any future re-registration & unauthorized use of your channels.

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